Ceramic/ Porcelain Tile Installation Corpus Christi

Ceramic/ Porcelain Tile Installation Corpus Christi

Ceramic/ Porcelain Tile Installation Near You

Tiles can be made of a variety of materials but the two most used would be ceramic and porcelain. Porcelain tiles and marble are better for indoor and outdoor use since its more solid and is less likely to chip or scratch. But ceramic tiling are more used for indoor flooring and walls since they are softer and is a cheaper installation then placing in porcelain tiles. Both can be a great material to use when picking tiles and each can be created to your own style with a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Porcelain tiles can even be transformed to look like other materials such as wood, concrete, and stone. When deciding whether or not to pick ceramic or porcelain, talk to professional tile experts to decide what will be perfect for you.

The pros of going with ceramic tile installation

Ceramic is a great material used when needing tiling which can give you a variety of designs to choose from and is a cheaper option. Ceramic tiling is softer and mostly used in indoor flooring and walls for its abilities to remain cool during warm summer days. It also can obtain moisture which is ideal when needing to place tile in your shower. Although it’s not as durable as porcelain it is a great option for easy installation and can give you a wider variety of design options available.

The pros of going with porcelain tile installation

Porcelain tiling is known for its durability and toughness that is needed when having heavy foot traffic in and out of your home or office. It also is waterproof and will less likely be prone to water damage. Porcelain tiles can be created to look like other material as well, such as, wood, stone, and even concrete. Since this type of material is long lasting because of the glaze that is put on the top of these tiles it can also be more resistant to chipping. It is however more expensive and harder to be installed but with professional tile installers, this can all be accomplished.

Designs that can be used for both ceramic and porcelain tile flooring installation

Designing options can be an array of designs for ceramic and porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles can be changed and designed to look exactly like other materials like wood, stone, and concrete. These clay-based tiles are more natural looking with their neutral coloring but can be made colorful if needed. Glaze is usually placed on top of these tiles to keep their color and durability longer lasting. They also can be designed in any pattern, shape or sizes imagined which gives you the ability to create directly to fit your style,

Maintenance required for both porcelain and ceramic tile flooring installation Corpus Christi

Maintenance for any kind of tiling is essential to ensure your tiles will last longer and will help keep it from chipping or scratching. But with using tile it can be simple to clean and won’t require much when needing to clean up any spills or weekly cleanings. With ceramic tiles you should vacuum then mop the tile flooring with hot water and dish detergent.  Porcelain can be cleaned by sweeping and doing regular cleaning with special solution to get rid of any hard stains or dirt. When cleaning your tiles make sure that it’s okay to use certain detergents as some may break down the glaze you have placed over your tiling.