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At Corpus Christi Tile Installers, we are dedicated to servicing all of Texas to give you the best tile designs and installations needed. Our top of the line materials and with an array of designs for your tile desires will give you full ability to create a custom tile creation. We thrive to give you the best services possible when it comes to laying tile down for any area of your home or office, including making sure to create a schedule and timeline fit for you. We promise that we can accomplish your dream kitchen, bathroom, office space, living room, and any other area that would benefit with our tile installation and designs.

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Needing to find professional tile contractors who can help design and create beautiful tiles? Look no further, because here at Corpus Christi Tile Installers we can help design and install any kind of tiles needed for your office or your home. We thrive on giving our customers our full attention to detail and continue to accomplish any task given. Our friendly design team of experts can help go over any design to fit your style and can even make custom pieces specifically for you. Including having a highly educated team of contractors who can successfully lay down tiles in a time efficient manner, so you can get back to your busy life.


Servicing all of Texas, our company continues to thrive with our detailed and top of the line services for your tile desires. When needing to find flooring options, tile is a great surface that is durable, long lasting and easy to clean with a variety of design options. Use tile to create a beautiful designed flooring for your kitchen, bathroom, and any other area of your home or office space. You can also use tile for your countertops, shower, tubs, and your walls/backsplash to add a pop of texture and color. Our specialized materials used to make tile can come in ceramic, porcelain, marble and many more options available to create and designed tile imagined.

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Kitchens are supposed to be where families gather to cook and enjoy wonderful meals which is why having your dream kitchen is a must. Update and redecorate your kitchen by laying down new flooring such as tile to have a durable, long lasting, and an easy to clean surface. But it doesn’t stop there, kitchen tile can also be placed on your countertops, backsplash and walls to create an added texture and color throughout. Give your family and guests a great place to hang out and gather with your perfect dream kitchen, all thanks to our design team which can help create any custom tile imagined.

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When needing to redecorate your bathroom, tile is the best option to use because of its ability to obtain water, last longer, and will be easy to clean. Tile can also be designed to fit any style imagined and can be custom made to be a work of art. Give your bathroom a clean and simple feeling by laying down tile on your bathroom floors, walls, countertops, tubs and your showers. With our high-end tools and professional contractors any bathroom idea can be accomplished and designed to make your dream bathroom become a reality.

“I needed my bathroom flooring replaced and had no idea what flooring options to go with, but with the help of Corpus Christi Tile Installers, I was able to get the perfect tile that was custom designed for me. They were super helpful and was able to finish within the time frame they quoted me.” Dave N

Can’t decide what type of flooring option to use for your home or office? Tile is the perfect option for your flooring needs with its long lasting, durable and easy to clean surface. Including giving you the ability to design and create any style imagined. Our company continues to ensure our customers are getting the exact flooring needed with our knowledgeable team of contractors who can even help create and design options for you. Tile floor installation can be done with ease with the help of our professional experts. So, when wanting tile flooring options, contact us to get quotes on all tile material and installation services.

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Choosing the right countertops can be a difficult task, but not when you contact our company that’s dedicated to getting the right tile countertop needed. Our tile countertops come in an array of designs which can create the exact color, pattern, size, shape and even the material used to make the tile. We work endlessly to create even custom designs that can be your own work of art. When it comes to countertops, tile is ideal to have as a surface. Not only can you create any design, tile is also durable, able to withstand heat and water, and is easy to clean. Countertop tile installation can all be completed with the help of our professional team of contractors, so give us a call today!

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“When wanting to place in marble tiling, I had no clue there were so many options to choose from. The design team went over all options with me and was very patient while I contemplated my options. Very professional and friendly!” Lana K


When you think of tiles you rarely think of the materials that can be used to create tile. But with the help of our team we can explain in detail the materials that can be used. Our top specialized materials are ceramic and porcelain which can be used for flooring, walls, tubs, showers, countertops, and many other surfaces. While ceramic can take on any sort of design wanted, porcelain is known for its ability to mimic other materials such as wood, stone, and even concrete. When contacting us, we can go over the benefits of each material to make sure you are getting exactly what you’re wanting.

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This unique and elegant stylized material known as marble is the perfect option for tiling when wanting a luxurious feel to any room or office. Using marble can be designed to create multiple options such as coloring, shapes, and sizes which can be placed throughout your home or office building. Marble can be valuable to your flooring, countertops, walls, backsplash, tubs and showers because of its beautiful and sleek modern design. When wanting your home or office to look elegant and luxurious, marble can be the right fit for you.

“If you need beautifully designed countertops, this company is ideal to obtain your style and can install it perfectly. When needing any tile options, I will definitely be returning to this company.” Wanda C


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​Contact us here at Corpus Christi Tile Installers, for your detailed quote on any of our services. We strive to help you every step of the way when needing to design and create works of art for your tile desires. Including creating a schedule that will benefit you throughout the process of installation. Don’t put off redecorating your ideal home or office space, let us help you accomplish those desires. Contact us right now with the number provided on our website and let’s start talking about design options for tiles and where you need them placed.